Nativity Statement

The Xhurch's Christmas Nativity is an affirmation of the healthfulness of nostalgia and ritual. As a non-theist, the artist envisions a future of waning religiosity. At the same time, he acknowledges the turmoils associated with the abandonment of religious faith. Mythologies, such as the story of Jesus, are well ingrained in many of us, and the notion that such mythologies must be rejected or disdained in the wake of new revelations of thought is, the artist feels, at times, misguided.

The Xhurch's Christmas Nativity is a warm embrace of nostalgia. It welcomes anyone to come and bask in its tranquil glow, and embrace the comforts of ritual—and reflect.


  Mary - Jana Cox
    Joseph - Jon Murphy
      Shepherd - Matt Henderson
Wiseman 1 - Melissa Ward
 Wiseman 2 - Patrick Morris
Wiseman 3 - Josh Wrolstad


Costume Design: Janaford

Animal Design: Lauren Carter

Manger: Patrick Morris

Photography: Eva Schifter

Hot Chocolate: Josh & Joel Wrolstad

Directed by Matt Henderson

Note: The above statement has been edited down from an earlier version which appeared in this form.

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